Timo and Dennis

German vom Gleisdreieck (TIMO)
Certified Dual Purpose K-9

Several months ago we asked you for help to find a German Shepherd dog to be my first police K-9 partner and the first K-9 Officer for our Police Department. I asked for a tall order. The dog had to be handler friendly, public friendly and able to become a Police K-9.

We also had a limited budget. This dog had to be very good for he had to set the standards for any further dogs our department may get.

In June after several weeks of looking and testing several dogs you called and informed me of Timo. You sent me a video of Timo working and he was very impressive.

You stated that he would make a very good dog for our K-9 unit. Your word is good as gold. He is more than I could have ever expected. We are now Dual Purpose certified and working the street.

We will not go to any one but you for all our
K-9 needs.

Sgt. Dennis L. Minton

Flits and Jeff

Patrick and Scott

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for providing me with FLITS VAN HET BASJES HUIS. After the passing of my last k-9 { Arko } in late 2010 it was a very hard thinking about a replace k-9 to work the street of Marshall County . After I met you , we talked a few times about getting a new k-9 unit and the type of dogs I have had in the past, and the type of k-9 the new dog would have to be.

You insured me that a replacement dog would be one of the highest quality canines available . well not really knowing you at the time .

I said to myself { RIGHT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE A REPLACE K-9 BETTER THAN THE ONE I HAD }. Well Patrick and Scott you did it Flits is the best dog I have every had , as you know flits is the third k-9 that i have had in my 19 yrs in Marshall County .

I would like to let you know that the training that you provided me with flits was the most outstanding training I have ever received in the past 19yrs in law enforcement. I am the holder of several certification in the law enforcement field , but i have never received the training like what I received from you . We have been working the streets of Marshall county for several months now & doing a awesome job Thanks to you for getting are department a high guiltily k-9 and the professional training you provided us .

Sgt Jeffrey A Blankenship
Marshall County Sheriff's Dept



Both myself and the Chillicothe Police Department are more than pleased with the Gosh. Gosh is the kind of dog that we can show off in a boy scout tour at our department but can also work through any situation to get the "bad guy". Gosh is fearless in any situation, excels in tracking, and has a great nose for narcotics.

I feel you have not only provided me with the best dual purpose canine in the area, but the best dual purpose police canine in the country. I look forward to working many years with my new partner.

Officer Nick Bridges
Chillicothe Police Department